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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Back to Work

Why is it after you back from a leave you are more tired than before ? I thought I will take leave to relax and catch up on my DVD watching but in the end I only managed to watch 3 esp of Heros in four days, and that was because I watch two shows yesterday.

Well what did I do over the holidays.. see Fri I went to gym, then after that spend the whole day with Li-Sha, Li-mae and her side kick. Actually Li-mae and side kick was dropped off at home earlier coz they had to prepare for Li-Sha "suprise" party. hehe. well it was not too much of a suprise but then it is the thought that count.

Sat.. went to gym, then went to 1Utama for some shopping. Then after that went to Subnag Parade. I saw the Wii.. and I must say it look so damm cool. Maybe that will be my next present to myself.

Sun.. went to lunch, then went to the curve and went to dinner. Nothing exciting but then i think that is what cause me to be so tired.

Well actually I did manage to go to Gym on Fri, Sat, and Mon. My mind was willing to go this morning but my body wanted to stay in bed. My body won over. Oh well.. I will try again trow.


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