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Thursday, April 10, 2008

The hotel is too high class for me

When I first heard that I was going to Phuket for a presentation I invited my sister and NY to come along. NY said she couldn't make it because of All Soul day so my sister went with me to Phuket.

Lucky I told my bosses that my sister will be following me to Phuket. Since it was Banyan Tree inviting us, my sister jump at the chance to stay at a nice hotel and free. Actually I told my bosses that I was going to go a day earlier but I will pay myself. They say "huh???, nevermind..." I also don't know does it mean they will pay. I don't care since I work until 5 am.. they will pay.

Well.. 1st surprise was when we got on to air asia, the seats were actually quite nice and it was no longer like taking a mini bus. We managed to get quite good seats and we had to whole row just the two of us. The plane was actually quite empty. The snack that I order was actually a 1901 hotdog which I share with my sister.

Then when we landed I told my sister no need to hurry we still got to wait for bags. So both of us took our own sweet time getting off the plane. The 1st thing we saw getting down from the plane, was this lady holding a sign with my name on it and this was just as we get off the plane not at the normal waiting area outside. She was dress in the nice traditional thai clothes. She greeted us and ask us to follow her, which we did and then we saw the Q for the passport. Well she went to another counter which was closed.. open it up for us and so we straight away got to clear immigration.

We had to wait awhile for the hotel transport coz waiting for two other ppl, the lady actually ask us if we want a drink. But we didn;t want but another lady did and she was given mineral water.

Then after that we were on our way to the hotel. Transport provided by the hotel. When we reach the hotel the first thing happen was that there were ppl welcoming us in front. They gave a hand lei... and there were musicians playing.. hehe.. wah.. i felt a bit like loyalty. There this lady escorting us to the reception area. Not just pointing us there but actually walking us there.

Then after this we were usher to the reception area which we were asked to sit down. Then we were offered green tea to drink and they actually BROUGHT ALL THE FORMS and everything for me to sign while we were sitting down. We just sat down. This is me sitting at the reception area while waiting to be serve.

Then we were SHOWN to our room. Really there was this lady escorting us to the room, not like we have to hunt for the room ourself. She was telling us about the hotel along the way.

This is the room

The toilet was bigger than my house room.

Then we found a fruit basket in the room with mango. OK.. that is quite cool. My sister and I ate it... The next we came back to the room and we saw that we had a new fruit basket. Every day we had a fruit basket... hehe... we ate it all.

Then one day we came back to the room we found this chocolate. But it was only once.

Every night they will turn down our bed. and burn aroma therapy candle..
Wah really feel like a high class person.. hehe...
Even checking out I just sat there and they bring the form to me to sign and everything. Cool.... esp since company paid for it all.
Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The whole world works for our Bosses

I think the whole world work for our bosses. I remember back in days when I work in Formis. NY and I will plan maybe to go home early or to sneak out for a bit of down time since we work such long hours. True to form one of our customer will call us and we will have to cancel our event. So we always say customers work for our boss, they seem to know what we are planning.

I thought since I change Boss it would be different. When I heard that I was coming to Phuket my 1st thought is Holiday and shopping. So plan to come on Saturday instead of Sunday. So can have at least a day off. Wrong...work until early Sat moring was so tired. Ok la.. still managed a bit of shopping.

Sunday... met customer and they want to have some changes. So have to give instruction and download the latest version. So had to work until abt midnight but with some break in between. But still can't go out coz always have to check mail. There goes most of my Sunday

Monday meeting the afternoon so can't really do much .. can't go to town shopping. By the time I finish the meeting was like 6. And I am alone dont feel like doing much. I also thought that I will have the whole day off on tuesday so can do it then.

OH... How wrong I was !!!! Tuesday morning they ask for meeting.. Ok.. I thought not too bad.. anyway shopping dont start so early I still have afternoon. Wrong again...
They request that I do something for them afternoon... Again plan ruin.

Then I thought evening la... Wrong again.. he requested for the meeting but then he got delayed... So i am stuck...

OK I thought maybe God is kind save some money...I thought maybe I can sleep in until abt 8 or 9. OH OH... HOW WRONG I WAS... Customer wanted me to meet him at 7 am... coz didn't meet him last night. *urgh* *urgh* what to do customer always right
So had to get up.

Oh.. well.. work is work...
Sunday, April 6, 2008

Finally Relax ...

Hey...Sometimes I think in preparation for presentation... might as well not do work until the night before the presentation.

Like I said I spend about two weeks preparaing for the presentation. Only to get a email and phone call on Friday 7 pm that it is not quite right. So lucky.. my colleague from Maritius are very very nice and good. We work thru the whole night and morning. Finally managed to finish it by about 5 am on Saturday morning. Got home ard 6 am. Got a nap till abt 9 am. Then flew off to Phuket.

Really I would say i might as well skip the two weeks work and just work thru one night. I remember so well.. times that it happen when I was in Formis. So I guess every where I go is the same.

Managed to relax and nap a bit on Saturday. But was still in a bit of a panic.. but then some how or another in the back of my mind I was still worried. But now have meet the client and they only want to make minor changes so I can relax more now...

Now relaxing in lobby of a very nice resort. The person who enjoy the most is my sister. Nice resort and no need to worry about anything... that is what I call a holiday.

Update you all on my funny phuket experience later...