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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dont' whether to laugh or cry

I been preparing for my Phuket trip for the past two weeks. I was told by my boss that I had 3 hours on monday to do and another 3 hours on tuesday. That is six hours of presentation. SIX Hours... how to fill six hours worth of presentation.
That was told by my boss. So I prepare and prepare and prepare.

Send the 1st draft to my boss, he looked at it and added even more slides for me to add.So at 1st draft to client i had 140 slides but most of them was repeated. So when I look at the slides I am thinking. I am going to bored even talking imagine the ppl listening. They will be sleeping.

So send it to the client and then there comment was too heavy. That was on Tuesday night. So Wed I reduce the slides but still 100 +... so send it to them again. They still say to heavy and the message was reduce to 30 slides. The reason is because I only have about 30 mins...

OH... my goodness from 6 hours to 30 mins ... So that why the whole day today I was re doing all my slides... from 100 over I got in down to 20+. Wasted my whole two weeks of work... I could have done it in a day.

Finally send to the client... I think maybe he was fed up and so he might as well accept it.

Two weeks work and I could have done in half a day.
Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I was reading most of my frens blog today and I feel like so left out. Everybody seems to be getting better and better at cooking. At the rate they are going I think all of them are going to be super chef. It seems that every weekend they are cooking something. People like , Dreamer , 4evershiftingsand, babeinthecitykl Worse still I seldom get to taste any of their cooking any more.

The other day my cousin commented.. How come all your friends so good cook ? They can cook so many things. My answer to that question was "What you want ? I very busy!!!!" and hang up the phone.

mmm... but all I can think about is.. the mess I will be making and how i even can't make my own breakfast nice...
Monday, March 31, 2008

Time Flies

I was commenting to many people that to get from the age of 20 - 30 it seems like forever. But from 30 on wards time flies.

I remember when I wanted to leave my 1st company, I was looking at job advert in the news paper and most of them would ask for people with 10 years or more working experience. I Keep thinking to myself... hey.. when will i ever reach that stage. Well my frens I have more than that now.

To know how many years I have been working I just have to look at Li Sha. I remember when I first join the company Li Sha was still in Mumsey stomach. I remember when Mumsey 1st show me photo of her 3 kids (Li Sha not born yet) I thought that Li Mae was a boy. She had really short hair.. and I found out the reason was because her sisters decided to play beauty saloon with her... they cut her hair..and bath her to cover her tracks.

I remember the first time I carried Li Sha as a baby. We visited Mumsey after she came back from the hospital after a few days. Mumsey just dump Li Sha on my lap she didn't care that whether I know how to carry a new born or not. I also remember Li Sha after the few times I carried her pee on my skirt. Well that is call marking territority.

Well now Li Sha is going to college .. man time flies... But I must say that thru this journey in my life I have met some wonderful people along the way. People who have made my life very much richer and so much more fun. People who have taught me the phrase "A leopold never changes it spots". and people who have shown me that they saying is 100 true.

People who have open my eyes to many things and shown me many things that I would have never experience on my own.

People who have made me laugh and many times speechless with their comments such as "why is this beach so sandy?" and "Snoopy is a dashund because her dog was name snoopy".

People who have considered me part of their family even though there is no blood relation between us, who track and monitor my every movement more than my parents even does.

And eveybody else to have enter my life.

Haha.. dont why I suddenly feel the urge to write this post. Maybe it is because having reach 40 it is a good time to look back on yr life. No la.. it cause I am free this morning. haha...