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Friday, November 16, 2007

Life Changes

Well since my Dad hospital stay there has been or will be two changes that we are making to our household.

First change occured for almost two weeks already.. and that is we are taking caterred food now. We called up this company called Mom's cooking. So now every night when I go home we will get two suprises one will be what the Mom (the caterer) will bring over. They come in 3 boxes one chicken / pork, one veggie and one seafood. Another one will be what my mother or Dad cook. My parents still continue to cook at least one dish and a soup.

OK.. first of all don't ask me why ...my parents still cook. I can't complain because at least if I don't like the catering food, I still get my MOM or DAD COOKING. hehe...

How is the catering food ? Actually I find it not too bad. Some day good some day OK la. Some interesting dishes...

Second change is that my Mom inform us yday that is going to call a cleaning lady to come clean the house. I am thinking like "Thank God" I don't have to clean my bathroom anymore. (hehe.. not that I clean it that often)....

These were changes that we have been telling my parents to make for a few years already. They always had excuses like cater food cannot eat one, I can still do the cleaning why ask someone else.

I guess sometimes it takes some thing to make them change. I would rather let my parents have a easier time in life as they getting older.

Anyway bringing my parents for their checkup this Saturday at Pantai. Like my cousin say.. you have to be prepare what the doctor have to say... Hopefully he will say that they are as well as they can be for their age. I won't kid myself to think that my parents can live forever. It is a reality that we must face.. But hopefully they be around for awhile yet. Like I told my Dad.. Hang on, we still need you around and we love you.

I better stop coz it is Friday... and suppose to be Happy...
Thursday, November 15, 2007

Should I be Worried

As as I said that all my stuff are for my place and on Saturday we clean up the place. After that we came home (my current place) my home started digging thru our store room to see what things that she can pass on to me.

I don't know should I be worried, she want to pass on dinner set, rice cooker and alot of things for my kitchen. Also pillows quilt and bed sheet because I mention that I got none of these stuff.

I am getting abit worried at the rate that my relatives are generouly offering things to me it look like they want me to kick me out. :-( :-(.

Even my Dad is talking about getting things for the condo...

So don't be suprise one day i will be like
Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I got a call last Wednesday night and it was Li Mae asking if the vet is open (it was almost 10:30 pm) at night. She told me that Phoebe has been bitten and they didn't check for wound until just now. She was bleeding, of course I told her that there was no vet open so late. Ask her to clean the wound (since there are 3 would be doctors) in the house they should be able to do that. Just to be sure I went over, actually I didn't want them calling at 2 am or something in tears.

When I went over they already clean the wound and put some cream on Phoebe, and of course the dog was milking it for all it is worth. Look with such sad face like she was going to die like that. Refuse to walk when the girls were around. But when she alone with me.. she can walk the stairs.

They put the cone on her so that she can lick the wound on her leg. The girls had to carry her and when Li Sha said "Oh baby you pain ah ?" I swear the dog actually whine.

The next day was a public holiday but lucky the vet was open. So they brought her to the vet and the vet stitched her up. I went over, the dog was lying on the chair and refuse to move. When I pat her she lift her head up like it so hard for her to do and whine again She was like in so much pain. The girls put a dress on her to protect her wound and a sock to protect her leg.

But my friend told me that when the there was only her mother in law in the house, coz the girls were busy. Phoebe was running and begging for food. She was also chasing and braking at other dog that walk pass the house.

But when one of the girls is around straight away she will lose all her energy and be in great pain. Smart Dog!!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Place Done Up

Went to check out my place on friday and the granite is all done up. So on Saturday morning went over to clean it up with Mom and my sister. My sister tagged along but when we ask her to help clean, she say she got backache.
Anyway Mom and I clean the place up.

My sister does what she does best.. solve the puzzle like where to hang all the curtains. Coz when the Macy people came they didn't out the curtain up and it left up us to hang it up and with so many pieces it was quite hard for a person like me to figure which one goes where. Lucky my sister is around. (I have to give her some credit)

Spend some time vacuuming the floor then mopping it. At noon my worker (the one with the back ache) said it is time to go home. Work finish for the day.

My living room and master bed room curtain. It actually has different pattern. You have to see it.

My dinning table... It can only sit six.

My kitchen all done up

New additional furinture. It is a shoe cabinet
Monday, November 12, 2007

We may dress up but we still Malaysian

I went to see the musical Chiacgo with my sister on Saturday it was at KL Covention Center. Lucky we left a bit early coz we thought we will go have dinner at KLCC and then maybe walk around. (before this Dad already warn us to be careful coz they were people going to do demostration in KL, not that I pay much attention to him).

We are caught in a massive traffic jam going to KL coz the police was doing a roadblock. Aiya.. so by the time we reach KLCC was about 7 pm. When we walk into the KL Convention Center we were quite impress coz there were people all dress up to watch the muscial. mmm.. I thought to myself this is an improvement.. people really do dress up for the musical. Yes yes .. we didn't go in our jeans and tee shirt. So malaysian are being able to understand culture.

We were seated by at about 7:45 pm, the musical starts at 8 pm. The hall was not really filled and since it was the last night I thought maybe people have seen it already. The musical started at the proper time 8.

Then the true Malaysian came out...

Even after the musical started people continue to come in. Most of them arrive at about 8:15 and later. Some of them came in as late as 8:45.

There was a guy infront of me video taping the show on this camera phone. Why I dont know.. coz you can see a thing. I try to take a pic with my camera phone and it didn't turn out at all.

I was thinking to myself.. hey... all we need now is a phone to ring and it will show how malaysian we are. (Even though we are told to turn our handphone off). Less than 30 seconds later, I can hear some body phone receieving a sms and this guy walking in front of me talking on the phone. The musical was still on going at that time.

We may dress up but we are still Malaysian

1. Don't understand when something start at 8 it doesn't mean 8:45
2. Invade ppl copyrights
3. Don't understand what it means to turn our handphone off