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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Finally part 2

I must say that the start of the twins medical career is almost the same as it begins.

The mad dash to the airport and last min packing. I remember the day that the twins was suppose to go off to India and I arrive at the house. I see all the bags open and still last min packing. I remember Mumsey sitting there doing the packing. Bottel and Bottel of water and tiger biscuits. Both Mumsey and I had to finish their packing for them. and the twins dont doing last min what...

As usual we were late and it was like a mad dash to the airport and nearly miss the flight.

Since the twins are posted to Sabah last Sunday was the same thing. But this time Mumsey and I are a bit smarter. We figure that since they got their degree and can be call Dr. they have to learn to fend for themselves. When I came Mumsey was putting on makeup and I went to copy songs from Li Sha. and the twins was doing the mad dash themselves.

Well we told the twins we had to leave at 2. but guess what we left at 3:30 pm. and this time we really miss the flight. Until one of their friend mom commented to Mumsey.. you flying on your own private jet ah ? hehe.. so shy..

But i must say i do worry abt the twins... have to lecture them for abt half an hour on the phone abt finding place to stay and other facts of life.

Like one of my fren commented many many years ago "You dont have any kids of your own but you sure got a lot of children problem."

But all in I must say that it a blessing and God gift that they are in my life and I wont have it any other way. To tell you the truth when they i saw them in their graduation and when their name was called out I was damm proud of them and had a bit of tears in my eyes. as mumsey... tears of happiness.. coz they are finally grown up.
Monday, July 27, 2009