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Sunday, February 8, 2009


Well I have been in PNG for awhile... Before I come people worry about food for me. they say that I should be nice and thin when i come back.

They should be worry about food for me but they are so wrong about coming back thin. I have to stop my myself from over eating. Getting food here is just like home, even better than home. the only difference is that the person who take your order is a different color.

I just had fish and chip for lunch and I am so sleepy now.

I have to tell my host here please no more food. I have to tell them I will just eat bread or cereals for breakfast otherwise we will be eating like nasi lemak, english breakfast etc.

Over the weekend I had to stop myself from eating too much. I eat half my lunch and pack the rest for dinner if I dont do that I will end up eating 3 full meals a day.

they got all the aussie food here. I am going to try if i can buy some lammington back.. i know someone who like it.