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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Dog can do no Wrong

Yesterday when I reach home around 8 something, I notice something strange when I park my car either of my parents came to the door. Normally one of them would come to the door and open it. Got me worried abit then but the Jake the dog was inside and barking.

After awhile my Dad came to the door and ask me to go in a look at my mother. She fell and now in pain. I went in and my Mom was sitting on the bed in the downstairs room. She said she cant walk because she fell and pain in hip and leg. Of course I ask where she fell and she fell on the road outside. So I turn around and said "Jake why u make mommy fall." Then my Mom answer it not Jake fault. He didn't do anything I fell by myself. I said to my mom "I told you don't bring the dog for a walk."

Anyway later my sister and I bought her to the doctor. Just as we got in the car, she told us don't tell the doctor that I fell while brining the dog for a walk. Just say I fall while walking.

Then when we were inside the doctor he ask how did u fall. before we can say anything she said I fell when I went for a walk. Then the doctor as her do you bring a walking stick when you go for a wak. We said softly "No but she bring a dog!!!".

Anyway nothing broken just pain in from the fall. Still no matter what it is not the dog fault. I also dont understand them she fell about 5 something and they didn't call us just wait for us to come home.
Monday, November 17, 2008
This is a Mother trying to talk to her son. Part 1