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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Li-Sha

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Li-Sha. Wow one year older.. Time flies.. I remember the day you were born and I went to the Hospital to see you, your mom and yr dad. Your dad look more tired that your mom. and you were so cute.

I still rememeber your 1st Birthday, your mom invited whole bunch of people. But you refuse to be carried by anyone but me. When ppl want to carry you, your refuse your just turn your face and refuse. So if you look back at your 1st Birthday photo I was carrying you all the time. Look like I am the mother.

You have grown-up to be a very talent (in Piano, mastering computer games, blog and MY PLAYSTATION) and wonderful person. It is an honor to be to watch you grow-up.

Happy Birthday again.... See you tomorrow.
Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Today is Wednesday. I always like Wednesday coz I also don't know. I always feel after Wednesday the rest of week goes by in such a fast pace. Today is so quite, I think all my customer deicded to give me break. Some days it feel like all hell broke lose. My phone will not stop ringing and it is one problem after another. Today is like everyone forgot me. :-(

Let enjoy this peaceful day.

The picture has nothing to do with this post. I just want to make my post seems less boring.
Monday, June 11, 2007

Don't I Look Like a Blogger

Don't I look like a Blogger ? I mention to Li-Mae and Li-Sha that I got a blog and their reply was HUH !!! YOU GOT A BLOG!!!!!

Hey.. I can have a blog u know. I can be hip and with the crowds.

Anyway after that they (li-sha and li-mae) told me they going to link me and ask me to put a tag. I was too embrass but I want to say "what that??" so I pretend to look cool. Lucky for me they took pity on me and explain to me. But actually I still don't know how to do things they ask. Maybe I shall go over and get a lesson from the expert bloggers.

I am glad to be in the world of the bloggers. Hopefully after a few lessons from the NRG, my blogs will be come more colorful and nicer. In other words
Help me.. the Non Gils. The Non Gils must stick together.