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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Me and Jake havving conversation

I was having a conversation with Jake. I was telling him don't be naughty and pee all over the house. He should pee pee in the tray. I was also telling what a good life he has. He got food to eat and he get to eat, sleep , shit the whole day. People like us have to work to so that he will have food in the tray.

He said he not really interested in this conversation.
Monday, September 29, 2008

Must always remember that some things you have in your PC can't be patch

The only game that I play on my notebook is Civilization IV. I have been playing that game over and over again. I play more to release stress and to waste time.

Yesterday I was playing and then I remember that I downloaded a patch that was meant to upgrade the version of the game that I have. So I decided that I will put in the patch. hehe.. guess what after that my whole game crash.... It tell me that I must insert the CD for the game.

Well you know what version of the game I have... dont need to say. So I had to spend about 3 hours re-installing all the game. I was thinking to myself... if I can't get the game to run again then I will have no more game to play. So maybe I have to spend more time working, watching DVD or maybe I shld spend some time with God. haha....

Well I managed to get the game to work again. Hehehe... I think I will still try and spend more time with God and maybe not play so late so that I can go GYM. hehe