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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Should Check the Meaning

Some people should check the meaning of the phrase before they name the shop. I saw this at a wedding shop.

Ever after is normally assoicated with death... would you go to a shop who is name for death for your wedding.
Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Li Sha

Wow.. I can't believe that it has been 19 years since I met Li Sha.

What to I remember most abt Li Sha being born :-

1. Mumsey calling the office at early morning saying that she is having contractions and if Benny dont come back in time I have to bring her to the hospital.
2. The office ppl asking me to call Mumsey mother-in-law to find out if the baby is born.
3. Going to the hospital to see Mumsey and Benny. And Benny looking like he is the one who gave birth. The reason Mumsey is there ordering ppl ard. Benny why no TV. Benny go do this and do that.

What to I remember when Li Sha was younger

1. Coming to visit Munsey during the 2 month confinement and Mumsey just dumping Li Sha on my lap
2. Feeling a wet patch on my skirt because li sha marked her territory.
3. Li Sha 1st Birthday refusing to let anyone else but me carry her. When ppl ask to carry her she cry and Mumsey was too busy to carry her. So I ended up carrying her thru the whole party.
4. Li Sha not talking too much .. but enjoying the McD French Fries and Li mae talking too much and not eating anything.
5. I will always remember sitting at McD in Subang Parade and Mumsey yelling Li Sha stop eating ... Li Mae eat some more.
6. Any of course all the kids sitting on the staircase blocking my passage out of the house and hiding the keys so that I cant go home.

Wow.. life get so fast and before you know it is 19 years ago already.

Happy Birthday my Dear Li Sha