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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How a phone call can change yr mood

I landed PNG and actually didn't get much sleep on the plane so was floating a bit. Decided to get some rest then I pick up my phone and notice one miss call from home. I thought maybe they dial wrong, so i send an sms to my sister and ask her why they call me.

Don't why but I felt something funny. So i just decided to call back. Was shock when my uncle pick up the phone (I expected my dad or mom). Then he told me that my Dad fainted. I can tell u my heart drop like 200 floors. Then my mom spoke to me saying that he is ok and that my sister is coming back. Not too worry. How not to worry.

My mind was spinning with what should I do. Plane out of PNG are not a every day affair. Should I go back or what. My cousin and my sister sms me to say that he is OK and no need for me to come back. My sister sms like mid night (KL time) which was 2 am in PNG to say he has a mild stroke but he can still joke that my mom stress him out.

My sister say stay in PNG since they still doing test on him and until they find out the problem there will be very little for me to do. I hope he is OK but I am glad my extended family are around for my sister as well.
Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pirate or Princess

It was Ruaen 3rd birthday. Celebrating in my house

The theme for her party was pirate or princess. hehe.. she cried after this photo was taken.