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Friday, June 29, 2007

Sick Sick

Before all my supporters start clapping their hands in joy and saying I told you so. I have not stop my blog. Having a very very bad case of the flu with body ache and fever... Stuck in bed..

So have to wait until I feel better for the next blog.

Thanks Li-mae and Li-sha for showing such concern that I am sick.
Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Holiday at Opal Damansara

Well remember my post about holiday and that is was so expesnive, that we decide to holiday in my condo Opal Damanasara. Went over the weekend to see the place.. it was quite nicely done the surrounding. Didn't go inside my condo because I didn't get the key. But went into my cousin place which is exactly one floor below mine.

Well we can imagine looking out from the balcony and see the nice green surrounding and hear the peacful sound of a running river.... Must really use imagine hard.. coz.. here is the pic of the surrounding

OK.. so the Green lung is just another name for a "Big LongKang" Oh well.. nevermind imagine the sitting on the balcony... then u can hear the surrounding traffic noise from the NKVE and look down and see the big drain....

Hey.. can complain too much it is "free". Free things are seldom good and good things are seldom free....

oh.. here is a picture of the Kitchen

Not my kitchen la.. the show unit kitchen
Monday, June 25, 2007

Excitement, Excitement & more Excitement

Wow.. it was a action pack Sunday for me. I also don't know where to start.. so I think I will start with the last event that happened on Sunday nite. Actually coz it was the most exciting.

Came back from dinner with the extended family at about 8 pm. As we were driving in my mom was commenting.. how come got blue light flashing, then told her that is the guard motorbike.. which is true. So we think nothing of it. When we reach our house we still see Jake my doggie outside. I was just thinking to myself "ah.. still early maybe I can squeeze in another two shows of heroes". ... (yes I still have not finish Season 1).

Just as I was getting out of the car.. one of my neighbour called out "Can you come help, there is a robber inside the 1st House!!!! He beat up the guard and ran into the empty house". In line with the show "Heroes", I rush out to the 1st house.. cause like Hiro say "Heroes don't run away" or something like that.

I also didn't know what to do.. so I just stand in front of the empty house and try to look with a torch light. Shine here and shine there.. as if the robber so stupid to stand in front of the window for me to see.

Then the neighbour came back (coz he went to call other neighbours), he told me u stand here and guard, he will go in and grab his golf club. mmm... I was thinking should I go and grab my golf club too.. but then I think my golf club 1. very dusty, 2. if I hit the robber with it, it was break coz it is graphite 3. It is too expensive to be used on a robber. a bit stingy...

So I just try to look "cool and brave" standing there with a torch light, shinning into the empty house. I also don't know what to look for. But in my heart I was thinking 1. If anything moves or come out of the house.. I am going to run. It is not my house or car.. 2. WHERE THE HELL ARE THE OTHER GUYS... IN THE NEIGHBOURHOOD...

Lucky for me .. after a few minutes the other people came out of their houses. I was thinking "AH... save at last.." But of course I look so "cool and brave" standing there with the torch light ALONE.

So after that there were about twenty people outside the house.. the guys with sticks and of course a guy with the golf club. I think it was a Sand wedge.

It became a neighbour hood gathering because all the women came out too. Gone are the days where the men go out to fight the battle alone.. Now the women come along for the gossip as well. So there was a women gathering in front of the house and the men gathering at the side of the house.

Yes Yes.. we did call the police.. that is why we were having the gathering outside coz we were waiting for the police to come. Anyway the police came about half an hour later. They (the police) had guns and everything... We told them the robber inside but since house empty we can't go in.

Then you know what one of the policeman said to my sister .... "can i borrow your torchlight ?" Hey what happen to the 1000 watts torch light that they can suppose to bring to the scene of the crime.

Anyway.. after about 15 mins search of the empty house they didn't find anything or anyone.. what an anti climax. Then all go home.. Aiya.. what a waste of 1 hour.

You might ask what was my brave Jake doing all this time. Well we brought him out to share in the excitement of standing in front the house. One of my neighbour suggested sending Jake in to check it out. Within 2 minutes.. my Mom said "I am taking Jake home." I think in her heart she saying.. "Send my precious dog in...NO WAY"