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Friday, September 21, 2007

All my Lights are Up

Finally I can go to my place at night. All my Lights are up.

My cheap Ikea lights at the entrance hallway and the maid toilet.

My cheap Kitchen light

My Dinning room and living room lights

Li Mae and Li Sha room light

Master bedroom Light

My Famous blue maple light

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Day 1 - Sept 18, 2007 of Condo Work

Started work on the condo on Sept 18, 2007. The first thing was to move my new sofa in. This was the only new thing in the condo.

Moved a bed and side table from my old place

Only managed to installed the lights and fan from my old place.
We under estimated the time taken to install the lights. So lucky for me my Dad is available to look after the contractors to install the rest of the lights. Thanks Dad.

You need a holiday to recover from a Holiday

Went on a long weekend holiday to Cameron Highland. We took the Simpang Pulai way which is a much easier drive than the Tapah way. Left about 10 am and reach Equatorial Hotel about 1 pm. It was a nice drive up and quite easy to over take cars.

After we check in we went looking for food coz we were hungry. Drive all the way down to Tanah Rata for lunch. Couldn't decide what to eat so walk around the place. Then just decided to walk into one shop the food was not too bad.

After lunch my sister said she wanted to eat tea and scone. So decide to drive all the way to Boh Tea Plantation. It was a narrow drive up to the place. We had to park our car at the bottom of the plantation and walk up. My poor Mom look at how far she has to walk to tea house. You can just see it in the background.

We were at the BOH TEA plantation. I ask my sister what she wants to drink she said "HOT CHOCOLATE" Asked my mom she said "COFFEE".. hey people we are at the BOH TEA PLANTATION. You suppose to drink TEA. so I had to order tea not to insult Boh Tea People.

For dinner we had steamboat which was not too bad.

Then it was back to hotel after walking the pasar malam. It was raining most of the time so no fun also. Played pool with my sister until 10 something. Why it took so long was because both of us suck at the game.

Next morning went to buy veggie and strawberry. Then did nothing much the whole day, just stick around the town area. Then ate at the hotel coz was pouring rain and my sister was not feeling well.

Mom and sister slept at 8. Lucky I had Golf to watch on TV. Next morning got up ate breakfast and went home

On the way back we drop by Kellie Castle.

That was a place I always wanted to check out. But was a bit disappointed with it. Nothing much to see. While we were there there was this big tour bus that came. When we walking down we said how come got such a big bus but nobody ard. Meet two gailow when we walking down. When we reach down saw another two gailow. I ask my mom (coz she didn't walk up the castle so she would have seen them coming down) in chinese you mean so big bus coz 4 gailow ah ? She said yes.

When we reach back KL about 1 pm. I was so tired. I need a holiday to recover.