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Friday, August 17, 2007

It is Study Break Time

No not my study break but it is the children study break time. Next week is school holiday. Today is Li Sha last day of exam before the study break. She told me already that Saturday is her freedom say so she ask me if we can hang out together. I am so honored that she actually wants to hang out with me, so of course I say "Sure".

Well I must admit she is studying really really hard. When I went over yesterday I can see books all over her room and she is study schedule on the wall and alot of stuff for studying..So she deserve a break for tomorrow. Where shall we go.

I try to go and say "Hello" to Li Mae also coz I bought her donut to eat. I knock on the door and there was no reply. I thought so rude... Then I went thru the bathroom to look in on Li Mae and what do I see. And if you look close enough she is holding the most important thing. Her HANDPHONE.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Two More Pic

The Elf

The Fierce Dog

Jake only look like that to us. One day when we went out of the house and we left him out to guard the house. When we came back we saw there was some people delivering something at our gate. So we observe from a far to see if my brave jake will bark and protect his house.

Well ... all I can say is that we know our dog well.. He was no where near the gate.. in fact he was standing far away from te gate and looking very scared. Then we got out of the car and walk to the gate. Wah.. the hero came running and started barking at the people at the gate. Like he so brave protecting the house. So I dont know if we are protecting him or he is protecting us. There are so many more stories I can tell you about how "Brave" my dog is.
Wednesday, August 15, 2007

What Jake can do with His ears

We like to change our dog to look like something else and we do that by playing with his ears

His most famous flying nun.. God forgive me

His Singh look

His Princess Leia Look

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back to the Gym

No shock and horror.. I went back to the gym for the past two days. well.. once to the gym at the condo and then back to Fitness First. Well the condo gym is nothing much like that fitness first gym. Why u might ask :-

1. They dont have TV. So you stare into the BBQ pit and swimming pool when you do your cardio exercise. For 15 mins I was staring at the BBQ pit and thinking when will I be using it..

2. You have a sister who keep asking you how you use this and what do I do.. Not exactly true coz there was a lady in between my sister and me. So we can't even chat.

3. And I miss the fighting got machine and the crowd around. I think it feel very in to have people around.

Next time I go i will take a picture of the condo gym... so can see the difference.
Monday, August 13, 2007

Expensive Decisions

I am finally ready to make a decision on what to do about my place. Been touring Kitchens and wardrobe shops for the past 3 weeks. Had a eye opening education on what is granite top and solid tops and so on.. I think I had enough already.

I also realised something that like in all business it your staff that will make or break your business. I went to about 5 kitchen places and I have had people promise that they will call me back with a quote. Nobody ever did. So those places got crossed off from my list. Some of the staff was not very knowledgeable so I also cross them off my list even before I got the quote. Others when I got the quote I nearly had a heart attack.

How then did I decide on the shop to get the kitchen from... they gave me a drink and fed me potatoes chips. hahaha.. Hey they always say the way to woo a person is always with food and drink.

Don't be so shock and horror.. it is one of the best marketing tricks. But also because they were very knowledgeable and their PR was good and their price was very reasonable.

But I also wind up taking the wardrobe from a person that I also don't quite like. Why you might ask.. because of the Brand and the price... But I cut down on what I wanted to get because I wasn't going to give them so much business.