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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Three monks dog got no food

About three weeks ago we went to the pet shop to buy dog food for Jake. The shop said that the type of food that Jake eat they had no stock so to come back next day. I TOLD my sister we buy a smaller packet 1st. She said NO need... since he still have. So no need.

Last weekend my Mom inform that Jake food is running low. Saturday we were quite lazy to go and buy the food. So I TOLD my sister go and buy on Sunday. As I was going to Spore on Sunday it was not my job. Then you know what my sister did spend 5 hours watching some Chinese shows on DVD.

Then on Wednesday my Mom shows us how much food Jake has left with is just one handful. My sister ask me to go buy but it was raining cats and dogs. I was not going out in the rain to buy for Jake. So poor Jake really had no food to eat. He only had a cup full to eat for the whole day. (hehe... don't worry la.. he is fat so he can strave for a day and plus my mom gave him bread and plenty of other stuff to eat).

My sister bought the food for him today, the first thing jake did when she came in to the house was scold her. Serve her right... she should have gone and buy on Sunday.