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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Pushy Taggers

I was tagged by my PUSHY friend fishdiary resurrection. First he insulted me by asking me Do I Know was a tag is. Fren I do know... I am not that blur blur. After that he bug me to tag.

So in answer to his Tag

5 Things Found in my Room

1. Clothes
2. Bed
3. My old combo set
4. CDs (Hey.. I still had those before I found out abt downloading)
5. Books and magazines which I never read

5 Things I always wanted to do

1. Own a BMW and not worry about cost
2. Do a trialthon and come in the top ten
3. Hit a golf ball with backspin so that it will go in the hole
4. Pay attention in church and not play with handphone
5. Go USA for a spending spree and not worry about money

5 Things in my Gym Bag

1. Shampoo
2. Towel
3. Swimsuit
4. Towel
5. A whole lot of things which make my gym bag heavy

5 Things in my Walet

1. Tons of Loyalty cards. Some I also never visit again
2. A pocket calendar
3. A cross in my pocket
4. Useless paper information
5. Business card

5 things I am currently into

1. Doing up things in my condo
2. Errr.. something that can't be mention
3. Ways I can get out of doing this tagged
4. Trying to find ways to get out of suitations
5. Watching downloaded show

5 parents to tag

I know the fishman is going kill me. But I don't care

1. Do not know 1
2. Do not know 2
3. Do not know 3
4. Do not know 4
5. Do not know 5

My nice Kitchen is gone

My nice and clean kitchen is now a history. I ask some people to reclocate some of my plug point and add some additional ones. As a result this what has become of my kitchen.

Where they remove the old plug and put in a new place

Where they run a new line for the new plug for the hood.

Not to mention .. now place is so dirty and dusty. Even though the worker did sweep the floor but it is still so dusty. Hopefully by Friday they will give me back my nice kitchen and then I have to call the painter in. After that will be another round of mopping and cleaning.

Then come the kitchen installation and another dusty round and mopping again. Maybe I should just leave till the end to clean up.
Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I am no Ikea Installer

I bought a side table from Ikea and over the long holiday weekend, thought we will try and assemble the thing.

I am not that smart to read the instructions so I had to bribe my sister to help me read it. She provides the brain and I provde the brawn. We had to transport the unopen box from my house to the condo. Being the brawn I had to carry it and it was quite heavy. As a result I knock it against my leg and got a blue black.

After that we spend abt an hour putting the side board together. Then after we finish our handwork. We notice that one of the piece was put wrong way. Notice at the bottom of the side table. I am too lazy to fix it.

Oh.. means I can never get a job as a Ikea installer ...