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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jake and His New Friend

Fishman gave me a nice present yesterday. Thank you very much.

It so much like Jake so I decide to intro Jake and his new friend. He was not shy abt greeting his friend.

After that it was all out attack... Don't worry I didn't let his friend out of the box and he is sitting some where that Jake can't get to.
Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Con by Ads

Went to see Ironman with Li Sha last Friday. It was quite a good show.
Since i was with Li Sha even though we had a nice dinner, we decided to get popcorn and a drink.

Saw the advert for the glasses for Narina. I must admit I am sucker for these things. One of the reasons why the kids have so many different type of popcorn container in their house. And why their mom say I spoil them. hehe..

Anyway saw the ad for the glass and i thought that it was nice and cool thing to get. I thought that it was a tall glasses.

But the actual size was short glass. Good for whisky.