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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What do you think ?

People ask me how is PNG is it dangerous ???? Well to tell you the truth. The people in PNG tell me not to wander outside. Can't go any where on your own etc.

Every where that we went had guard. But nothing happen to us at all. But the places you go had barb wire and guards

This is the back on the place I stay it had barb wire surrounding the back.

This is the entrance. They have a gate and it is guarded

This is where i stayed

This is the front of the house

The Living room

The dinning room and the opening to my room

My clothes hanging on the line. Had to do manual machine wash...

As promise photos of PNG

This is the scenery in PNG

View from the office

This is when I went hiking in someone farm

This is Port Moresby