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Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Tail is back UP

The tail is back up

Yesterday I rushed home to bring Jake for a walk to see if his tail is OK. When I changed to shorts and said the magic word "walk walk" I saw him did a very slow wag with his tail. Then I notice the tail was up. So I took him for a walk and I look like a fool. I was holding the camera phone trying to take a picture of him and his tail. Was chasing him.. lucky nobody I know passed by in car.

Guess what he doing in this photo
Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Dog Tail Can't Wag

My poor Jake tail can't wag. How did it happen ?

On Saturday we were all in my sister room, and then Jake (my dog) wanted to jump on the bed. But because he is a bit fat and some how the bed moved.. he bounced off the bed and did a 360 flip and landed on the floor. I gave him a 8.0 for that routine. I saw what happen and I must admit I laughed until tears came of my eyes.

Hey.. he didn't look injured at all he can still run (ok la.. he was hoping on leg abit).. but then he look fine and was still running around. After abt two hours we notice that his tail was down all the time. Then we tested him by saying his favourite words which are "walk walk" and "cookie". He was still his usual self jumping and getting excitied but we noticed this tail was down all the time. He didn't wag his tail at all. So we got a bit worried. My sister keeping saying all dog must wag tail.

Even when visitors came on Sunday he got excitied as usual.. barking and jumping abt but the tail was down. Here are the pic of how he look now.. Notice his tail is down..

I felt terrible for laughing at him and got really worried. My sister took him to the vet and he say he might have some spinal injury and twisted his back. :-(. Was really worried.

But then I went into my sister room and he was on the bed.. so I figure

1. He managed to go upstairs by himself
2. He managed to jump on the bed by himself So he can't be that injured.

Then I went downstairs and he followed me down. I tested him abit by chasing him. He can still run but his tail was down. After awhile he went into the kitchen area. Then I was thinking "What was he doing in the kitchen". Coz when he not making noise he can't be up to anything good. So I went to investigate and i was right he was not up to anything good.

How to say that he has spinal injury when he can do the twist on the towel which he pull down from the rack...

Btw.. I think my Dad must be wondering how come his towel has a very strong dog smell to it. That is my Dad's towel Jake is doing the twist on.