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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Second Link Jam

I always wonder to myself if I would dare drive long distance alone. Well I found the answer to the question recently. Had to drive down to Singapore and back on my own recently. Drove at night somemore. For the whole trip I just stop at the petrol station.

Anyway was caught in the causeway jam again. At least this time was a much shorter time and since I was kind of bored and alone. Decided to take some photo of the jam.

See the couple with the motorbike. You think they dating or married.
Monday, July 28, 2008

Finally Gym again

I am getting too fat.. so last night decided to sleep early and go gym. (Actually I do that almost every week but then I never get up in time.)

Some how or anther I decided with determination to get up and go gym. The alarm rang about 6:30 am. I snooze for awhile then decided to get up.

Then went to the gym. It been long time since I went so not suprise there were changes there. Went to the curve coz that is the nearest. Didn't park in the curve coz it cost rm 2 now. manage to go abt 45 mins of exercise. Hopefully I can wake up trow and continue.