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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Life and it funny twist and turn

Life has many funny twists and turns. Sometimes I see how some people don't realize the good things that are in front of them or the advice that people give them. They are so blinded by their own pride and so call pride that they don't see what is happening around time.

I find that sometimes as people we have what we call blind faith and that they will just walk blindly even though expert will advice against. The reason being is that they feel they are the expert and they know best. Other people just believe what everybody tell them and no matter what will follow like cow.

Myself I beleive in the middle ground I will listen to the advice of people but I will also think about it myself. Using rational thought to think and understand and make a decision.

wow so deep thoughts before the holiday. I am told I shouldn't frown so much and must look more alert. So I will not frown and look on the positive in life.
Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Missing Car

I was at Curve yesterday and while looking for parking I saw a man holding his car key and a car next to me the signal light flash on. The man was walking opposite direction from the car. Oh that is not his car. I found another spot to park my car but I notice the man keep pressing is car key and looking for his car. When I saw this it reminds me the many times I have done the same thing.

I have done it in KLCC (which was probably the most embarrassing) because at that time I was with Nancy at that time. Lucky she remember where we parked the car after walking around hunting for abt 10 mins.

I have done it in 1Utama..
I have done it twice (or maybe 3 times) in mid valley.

Why must they make so many entrances and all look the same in the shopping center.

Sometimes I wish there is this device that you press and magically it will park your car. and when you press again your car will magic appear. well maybe not my car but a new BMW will be nice.
Monday, October 8, 2007

Look abit more Homely

I moved some more personal things to my condo already. Now my place look abit more live in. I have a poster and some pictures. I put it in the only place available.

This a before and after image



Hopefully the next update will have a few more things to put up.