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Monday, June 16, 2008

Li Sha is 18

Li Sha is 18 years old. How the time has flown by.

I remember the day Li Sha was born, Mumsey was already on maternity leave, she called the office and said that is Benny (her hubby) can't make it back from KL in time to bring her to hospital. I will have to bring her. I remember saying to her "Benny better make it back on time"

Then after work we went to the hospital to see Mumsey and Li Sha. As we walk in I can hear Mumsey saying "Benny switch on the TV, Benny go adjust the air cond, Benny this and Benny that." I remember commenting to Benny "Why do you look more tired than your wife, you look like you gave birth."

Went to see Li Sha and she was quite cute...

Of course after that we went to visit mumsey at her house (hehe.. actually we went to eat all confinement food). Mumsey just dump Li Sha on my lap even though she was only a few days old. Hehehe.. then of course Li Sha stake her claim on her, she pee pee on me...Oh well marking territory I guess.

Here is Li Sha on 1st birthday.. I was like the mother of the baby coz I end up carrying her the whole night. She refuse to let anyone but me carry.. when other guest try to carry her she turn away and refuse. So i think alot of the other guest were jealous.

Li Mae (yes that is Li Mae... ) and Li Sha

All the Tohlet with their Mah mah