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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Made in Malaysia or Made in China

This morning on our way to Tesco my sister asked me.. "Really Mom feel no pain ah ?" I said must be pain what... can you imagine cut out your bone and replace it. Even the scar from surgey must be painful.

In the afternoon we rook Mom back to Pantai for her check up. The first doctor we see was the old who check on her general health. My sister ask the question to the doctor "How come she don't feel pain ?" Haha.. the doctor must be saying what la this daughther mom don't feel pain also complain.

Then the next doctor we see is the surgeon who did mom surgery. Again my sister ask him "Why she don't feel pain ?" he ask her "your mother made in malaysia or made in china ?" Made in china very tough. hehe.. but my mom made in malaysia woh...