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Friday, June 26, 2009

My sister send this message to me

She took jake for a ride in her car one day. Then she send me this message.

"I want to report a murder and attached was this photo."

I ask her who did it. She ask me to arrest this person / dog if i see him
Monday, June 22, 2009


I was sick over the weekend. Dont think it is the H1N1. I have no fever.

Was having a very bad sore throat for on Friday. hehe.. but I still went out till about 11 pm. Was thinking to tough it out and not get the magic pill. Woke up on saturday with still feeling very bad.

My mom came into my room and I told her I was feeling sick. Her words to me was "Does that mean you are not brining me to do my hair ?. Your sister working."

Then went downstairs and told my Dad I am sick, "He said ... but I need to go take my teeth from old town.".

So I went to see Dr. got the magic pill and then brought them to do hair and take teeth. My uncle big 80 birthday celebration. My mom still ask me to go for the dinner but I told her I was feeling rather sick and better dont spread the germs around. In the end I stay at home. but even my dog dont want to be near me. he waited downstairs for them to come home.