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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Baby Rauen Birthday Part II

Just got these photos from my cousin. See what I mean by the adult having more fun than the kid playing games.

Ruane with all her friends. Yes the food and the cake were great

The best part of the evening for Ruaen. I will also look so happy, if I had so much presents.
Wednesday, December 12, 2007

New addition to the Condo

Well... I have moved alot of stuff over to my place already. Like my sister said "how come you move so many things to the condo and our place still look the same?"

My mom has got alot of extra stuff, that is all I can say.

My first house warming gift. My fren Ken Wooi got me something nice from his trip (I think it was to Bangkok. It was a nice decorative bowl, and it matches my dining table. Thank you very much.

Last weekend went to Ikea (yes again) managed to buy the table to put the granite on. It was out of stock for a long time and bought a table for my bed room. And I put the TV table together myself. My sister insulted me "she say the table only got 4 screws." I told her "NO it had eight and there is no breakfast for you!!!!"

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

My 1st breakfast at my place

Well made my 1st breakfast at my place about 2 weeks ago. Okie nothing fancy.. french toast. Coz I didn't have a fridge and can't buy bacon and stuff to put overnight.

I cut the bread and crack and whip the egg. Then try to switch on the stove. ooppss.. i ran into a bit of problem was not too sure how to switch in on. try about 5 times.. i nearly had to give up. Then I found out you have hold the nob for awhile *phew* otherwise... i will be the laughing stock of the family.

This was me putting all the things out getting ready to cook.

The french toast frying in the pan.

The finish product

My food must be not too bad... coz after breakfast... my sister ...

Monday, December 10, 2007

Kid Birthday

Woh so much happen in a week. I don't know where to start.

Let me start at my God daughter 2 year old party. Yes baby Ruaen is 2 years old already. But she is still quite shy. Cling on to the mom or grand mother most of the time.

The mom had a birthday celebration for her and invite her church friends. So there were kids ranging from 5 till about 2. Met a very chatter little girl who keep telling us she going Genting afterwards.

My cousin organizer some games for the kids but the adult end up playing most of the game. I was partner with baby Ruaen for the treasure. I ask her where are the fruits. She just look back at me... I told her "hey girl you live in the house it would be an embarrassment if we came in last." She just stare back at me. I think we came in last. :-(

After that we had pass parcel and some fishing game. In the end all the adults played rather than the kids. Say we play for the kids but actually we had fun. There was this scary person around.

There was this tent like house outside and when all the kids went home. See what my sister did.

Then it was time to play bubble. See who is playing the bubble.

We not so bad.. we did play with the birthday girl also.