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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How to take LRT to work

This morning I had to take the LRT to KL because I was going to a few places and it was much easier to take LRT. Drove my car to office and then try to hop on the LRT from Kelana Jaya. First thing that shock me was actually the crowd at the LRT station. I actually had to wait for 2 trains before I managed to get on and the train was pack. I notice that all the stations there was actually people waiting in line and they could not get on. It happen at every station until almost KLCC.

I can't imagine every day doing this. I don't understand why don't the people do something about it. It either add more cabin or increase the frequency. The demand in the morning and evening is there. Well lucky I dont have to catch LRT in the morning and evening that often.
Sunday, October 19, 2008

Veggie Dinner for Me

It a very very very rare day. We had no meat for our dinner tonite. Mumsey was so nice and kind to bake for me Macroni and Cheese. So I brought it home and since we were lazy to cook we decided to eat that for dinner. We had mushroom soup and some steam veggie and bread. And of course the Macroni and cheese.

There was no MEAT... so once in a while it good to stay away from meat. see no meat.
hehe.. actually we had steak for dinner last night and also had a very heavy lunch.

Has she Improve

My sister has been going for panio for a few months. She told me recently that she has been upgraded by the teacher. Has she improve.

BTW... this is what I hear every Sat and Sun morning. I will be woken by hearing When the Saint Coming marching in. The saints march still have March in. Even Jake got bored of the song and walk away.