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Friday, February 22, 2008

My Clean Hood

Yesterday was in KL the whole day and after dropping Li Sha at home since it was still early decided to go to the condo. I don't why.. but I always feel like mopping the floor when I am there. So i mop the floor and since it only takes me about 30 mins it was still early.

I was staring at my hood and I suddenly rememeber the comment that NY made when she say my hood. "Oh... you don't clean the top of your hood!!!" Actually I my 1st reaction was to stare at her and say "huh!!!!, clean the top of the hood." To be honest the thought never occur to me. and I was also thinking that it sound bit unlike NY that I know. Then her next words made me think "ah this is the NY that I know" Her next comment was "I also don't clean the top of my hood either". hahaha.. that more like the NY I know.

So yesterday after the mopping and I look at my hood again. Oh well I thought what the heck since it was early and I was free. I decide to wipe it. So here is my clean hood but I am sure that the next time my friends come over there will be a layer of dust.. coz I don't see myself doing this as a regular thing.

I am reminded by a question I ask my friend, how often do you wash your curtains ? His answer was to stare at me with a blank look that says "Wash curtains ? What that!!!!" I like my friends coz cleaning and doing house work is like alien things to them.
Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Traffic Jam

I told people when I change job one of the main benefits was that I will be nearer to office and that I could reach office in about 10-15 mins in the mring. After all office to my house is only about 6 km or 10 km if I take the longest route to work.

Boy.. am I so wrong. I under estimate the time it takes for me to get out of my housing estate. The time it took for me to get from my house out to the main road is 20 Mins and that is only abt a 2 KM stretch.

The rest of the way it takes me about 10 mins and that is because there is quite a few traffic light for me to go thru.

Well I tell myself no matter how I will have to get out of my housing estate so i still have to go thru this jam. Hopefully I will get over my stupid flu this week and can start going to gym.
Monday, February 18, 2008

Yummy Yam Cake

Was having a family dinner at Ah Yat Seafood when NY called me to ask me if I was home. She had some yam cake (which is my favourite) that she made. Sadly I told her I was not home and that I was having dinner outside. But I quickly add that that dinner was actually finish and I was going to leave soon. She was nice enough to tell me that she can drop it back my place and that she will wait for me. Of course I said that she could keep it till Tuesday since we meeting or just to leave it on top of the lamp post in my house... hehe.. lucky she said she will wait for me.

Then I rush everybody thru the dinner. I actually got up after the meal was finish coz they were still yaking there. Hoping that if I stand everyone else would. But they all still sat there. So in the end I sat back down and 30 seconds later I got up and said I will go get the car. Finally they all got the hint.

Had to send my uncle and aunty back to their house in SS2 and wait for my sister coz she got into the other car. It is a long story. Then rush back home. NY was nice enough to wait for me.

I invited her in for a drink and some CNY cookies. Well Jake was quite happy to see her but I must say that she was 2nd priority. Food came 1st. He greeted her and then when my mom said Jake mum mum (food in chinese) he ran to the back.

The yam cake was very very nice. Sorry I got no photo coz I brought it for breakfast today and I finished it becfore I remember to take photo. Maybe next time (hint hint) I will take a photo 1st. Thanks NY...