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Friday, February 15, 2008

It only February and ....

Well people say that a change of year bring a change of luck for the better or worse.. It only Feb and I can say so many not so nice thing has happen.

It started before the CNY...

My mom sister had a mild stroke. Lucky it is mild so she is slowly recovering. She wont be what she use to be but she will get better. Now at least she is better and can walk around.

Then found out one of my aunty who is in spore broke her hip again. So had to have a operation. Lucky she also recovering.

2nd day of the CNY my aunty had bleeding from gum had to go to hospital. Dont know why. Lucky she is OK now.

Then just yday.. my sister msn me to tell me she fell on the tar road and got a bungalow on her head. I ask her what happen.. she told me she was hit my a car. I ask her whose car... HER OWN CAR.

Guess how it happen. She sent her car for repair and being ka pow went over during lunch to take a look. she stood at the side of the car with the door open and then the manchic some how or another reverse the car. So the door knock her down. Don't whether to laugh or to pity her. Anyway lucky she OK other then the knock on her head.

Then just this morning.. I reach office and then one of the my colleague came and told me she kena snatch theif. They took her purse and plus the notebook. It was during peak hour also at about 8:30. Some more our place is a busy place. She park at the lane in between the building. To tell you the turth I was also considering to park there because shade for the car. Now i change my mind.

I hope the rest of the year will be not so eventful for me.
Thursday, February 14, 2008

Human are Funny People

We human are funny people. We always think grass is greener on the other side and always want something better for ourself.

For me I could spend the days relaxing, complaining and come in to work late and go home on the dot every day. Spend time having lunch with my frens, go to my Dvd shop and handphone shop.

Instead I chose to leave and have a much harder life. Now I got to spend time building a new team (it much harder for me to work in a team leader, then to already be the leader). Now have to spend time winning ppl over get use to the ppl personality. Have to learn the product. Which is quite complicated and comprehensive. Everyday got to worry about alot of things.

Oh.. well sometimes we need challengens in life. I beleive that God gave me this job so I must believe that God will give me the strength to do it well.
Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Allergic to the Gym

I think I am allergic to the gym. For the past few times that I told myself that I am going to get up to the gym there was always a reason why I can't go. Ok.. sometimes it because I just can't get up.

Lately I notice that I everytime I say I am going I tend to fall sick. Last night I planned to get up early and go to the gym. I had to get up coz I have to send my Dad to UH to get his blood taken. But at about 10 pm i started sneezing and sneezing and sneezing. Even had fever. So there goes any hope for gym.

In the morning got up at 6 am send my Dad to UH and came back and sleep.

I shall try again for gym next week.
Monday, February 11, 2008

CNY Part 2

Well after Day 3 we thought that we should have time to rest. Since I was also off on Monday I should have Sunday and monday to rest. I was actually running on EMPTY by Saturday night. Was so tired that when my head hit the pillow I was asleep.

Day 4

We thought we can just rest at home. Actually my sister plan to cook dinner at the condo for the family to eat. I was actually feeling very sick and tired on Sunday. So after early lunch went to sleep. My sister left to go office for a while. I decided to bath Jake even though my sister job. Then my cousin call to say she bringing my aunt over. Okie.. there so part of restful day. Anyway decided to go nap.. as I was napping Li Yen call to ask me to send them to Subang so they can catch a ride from their friend. So had to get up and send them to subang. On the way there.. my cousin call me to ask me to drop off some of her things at the condo. Aiyo so hot and had to do so many things. By the time I finish the running around I was so tired. No time to sleep. My parents came home so went out to dinner. Coz my mom dont let us cook in the condo. Then send my aunt back to my cousin place.

Then some more I had to watch Man Utd lose to Man City. That made my day even better.


Was suppose to be a free day. i thought I will go to gym, then go cut my hair and then drop my jacket off at the dobi. Went to gym, then went all the way to New Town. Found out that almost everyone also on leave. So hard to find parking. Managed to find one and then walk to the hair saloon found out they still close. On the way back found out the Dobi also close. Then my cousin call ask me go Ikea.

wanted to buy a table for the TV but then the thought of putting it together ourself will be too hard. So no tv table.

Then check my office email and found out that I got alot of things to do when I get back to work.

A Busy CNY

Well CNY is over already. This is one of the longest break that I had but I must say it is also one of most hetic one.


Off work so that day started out rather slow. Since we were going to put for the CNY Reunion dinner there was nothing much for us to do but we were so wrong. My sister wanted to go back to office because she left her laptop battery in the office, so we drove there. But 1st had to make a stop to collect the dishes that we order for CNY Day 1 lunch. Then after my sister office went to the bank, and since the bank was open my sister went in to do some transaction. Then I went to see the doctor. I was having the sneezing thing again. Doctor advice was "GET SOME REST" That should be easy since we had such a long break.


My mom open the things that we brough back yday for our CNY Lunch. We order chicken and it turn out to be a DUCK. What to do cant take it back coz they close. She ask me to bring to the condo to heat it up. MMM... problem put in the micro put how long ah ? Dont know... anyway try and error put until warm. Or until we finish making the jelly. My sister and I bought stuff to make jelly as well.

Then waited for my relatives to come. As usual we waited and no one came and when they come they all came in a big troop even though they dont belong in the same family. So as usual suddenly the house be came very noisy.

After they all left we did our usual round of visiting people. Told my Dad that sit 10 mins at every house. Which never quite works ... by the time we finish our round and reach back home was abt 5. Had a quick dinner then visited my Uncle in Shah Alam. Reach home also 8.

Day 2

Started with an SMS from my cousin Rachel SOS for help. Her Mom mouth suddenly bleeding and she had to send her to hospital . Suppose to have a big family gathering at Rachel house on 2nd day of new year. Rachel SMS to ask us to come down earlier to help her with the getting ready for the gathering. So had to go and help her. Well the best part about this is that my duty was to baby sit Ruaen which means I just have to sit in front of the TV and throw a ballon once in awhile. Not too bad.

Then at night had a family dinner with my Dad side of the family. The dinner was at 8 because we were in the 2nd session. Was not too bad, since the dinner was at Overseas. Then after dinner had Li Mae b/day.

Day 3

MM... what did I do in Day 3... oh yeah.. i slept at the condo so I clean it up. Coz actually since the gathering I didn't clean it. hahaha.. came back to my sister place then my mom step sister-in-law came. then after that we phone my cousin oi sin coz we wanted to go her place but then she was at Kenny place. So we self invitied ourself over. Lucky there was lunch. Homemade some more.

After that was my cousin Kelvin 21st birthday. Here are some of the photo of the dinner. I took it coz my cousin Seong cant come for the dinner so MMS him the photo.

Here was the empty plate I forgot to take before I ate

Wow.. I write this post I also tired. Continue next post.