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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Learning alot of things about furnishing a house

I am learning alot about what it takes to make a empty condo a home. The first thing I learned and nearly have a heart attack on is HOW MUCH MONEY IT TAKES. At 1st the happily thought my 20K very very lot of money. But I am so wrong.

My goodness... when I got my 1st quotation i nearly fainted..haha..

Went to a shop that does kitchen only and i learn alot of things. But not that I can remember. Lucky for me my cousin bought one unit below me so she did most of the talking. For me.. I said I want something like Ikea kitchen. I can't tell the difference between what table top is this and that.

Went to a shop for a wardrobe.. Wow.. i learn quite a few things..Saw this nice and big walk in wardrobe. It was like in the movies where u walk in and you see tons and tons of clothes. I think you need a maid just to maintain the wardrobe.

Oh.. all I have to say is that everything takes $$$$$...