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Friday, September 14, 2007

Went to Ikea again

Went to Ikea again last nite, I think pretty soon they going to banned me from there. This time I brought two testers there and all I can say is that we are not related by blood.

I will let the pictures speak for themself

Notice this time a book replace the handphone. If anyone needs for chairs, bed or sofa to be tested. I can can recommend these two people. Their charges could be quite cheap or expensive depends on what time you bring them. If you bring them ard 9 pm, you can get away with just an ikea ice cream but if you might them ard 7 you have to include dinner with the ikea ice cream.

How to save money for the bedroom

Since I told Li-sha and Li-Mae they can have their own room in my place, but they have to bring their own furniture. We found a nice and cheap bed they can have

Sleep in a eggshell.

Hey the eggshell is maybe too expensive. Then how abt a tent

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Finally a Holiday

Well after months of arguing who should book the holiday and where we should go, my sister and I finally decided to go Cameron Highland for a weekend holiday. We have not been to Cameron for so long already. Well actually have not been to a holiday for so long.

I think I will need the holiday because the next few Monday and Tuesday after that it is going to be very very busy for me. Things are starting to get moving in the condo already. Hopefully by next week I will be able to see the condo at night because the lights will be in. I will also be able to sit and watch a blank wall because my BLUE sofa will be in but then no TV or any entertainment so stare at blank wall. I will be able to sleep because my sister old bed is going there but then I don't I will do that no air cond.

The week after that I will be able to live in there because the air cond, the window at the laundry and the wardrobe will be in.

Well... Bear in mind there will be no food or water to drink because there is nothing done in the kitchen. Oh well at least after months of looking around and spending money.. can see somethings changing in the condo. Hopefully.
Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sometimes you wonder why company budget sucks

It is that time of year for many companies preparing for their next year budget. My sister is no different and being the accounts person I think she has to work extra hard. But still have time to go holiday this weekend.

As staff of company we often wonder who the accountant discuss with to come with the wonderful figures that they come up with and who supervises the accountant when they come up the figures. Well I found the answer to my question last nite when I see my sister doing her company budget.

First the discussion about the figure. Jake is not very interested coz he said you short change the people by putting so low for their increment.

Then come the supervision to make sure the figures are inputted correctly.

Finally I really dont care what figure you enter ...

Monday, September 10, 2007

How to kick a dog off your bed

My aunt came over to spend the night at our place and I was kicked out my room. Had to go and sleep on the mattress in the my sister room.

When my sister went upstairs to sleep Jake the dog followed her, coz I think he was very very tired. I shouted to him.. DON'T SLEEP ON MY MATTRESS. Feel like a fool talking to a dog but it had to be done. When I went upstairs after watching the repeat of the US Open Women Final... (which my fav player won), I saw the mattress was not in the room so Jake did obey my instructions.

I brought the mattress in and just put it down and look what happen.

Then I managed to kick out off the bed and then I put my pillow down. And I went to do something and next minute I turn back to my bed and this is what I find.

What to do I had to sleep with him beside me. Coz when I try and push him off there was growling noise. Hey.. he has his own mattress to sleep on.. That pink thing on the right handside. Lucky he bath that day.. otherwise there will be a really smelly dog.