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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Jake and His Notty

Sometimes we wonder why our towel and blanket smell like Jake. And he does not have a very nice smell.

After my dad bath every night he will hang his towel on the rack in the kitchen. Sometimes we wonder why the towel is on the floor. Then he would ask why does my towel smell of Jake. We sad don't know. Yesterday I just happen to walk in the kitchen and caught Jake doing this. He is quite smart he can use his leg to move the towel. So at first the towel fell on the stand of the rack and I think it hurts him when he roll coz out the two rod there. So he move it so that he can roll freely on the floor. Actually after this video.. I yell "Dad see ... what" that is all the words I got out.. Coz he stop and run out and look at my dad as if to say i didn't do anything... Why she yelling for.

I bought a new Ikea quilt. It has duck feature and I think Jake thinks that it is food so this is what he did when i used it.
Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Shaun

Yesterday i was asked by Li Mae to stop by the house with the promise of a cake. She didn't tell me that it was her sidekick (Shaun) birthday, so lucky I like to eat cake so I drop by. I keep asking Li Mae why must I wait for the cake, she just keep saying I must. After about 5 mins of "Why I must I wait for cake ?" Li Mae respond "Because I said so...". I kind of guess that it was Shaun birthday coz i know there are very few people that Li Mae will help bake a cake for. I know that it was none of the other family member birthday. It also not the dog birthday !!!!

Since Mumsey.. was not in the house it was up to Li Mae to decorate the cake. Rafael Nadal and Richard Gasquet finish one set of tennis and still she has not finish the cake decoration. *yawn* *Yawn*

Finally the cake was ready. Then the next big challenge.. how to get the cake out of the cake tin. Mumsey (the expert) was not around. So it took 3 people to get the cake out of the cake tin. First the couple try to do it.

It didn't work also.. cake nearly fell out. (I was afraid I was going to eat the cake from the floor). Then the father has to help getting the cake out.
Finally the cake came out. Lucky it came out quite well. Otherwise all of us will be scolded by Mumsey...I would have ran home and pretend like I never came to the house.

Next task was to light the candle. Mind you there was only two candle to be lit. Li mae first try to light it, she couldn't. Her excuse was that there is wind from the table fan near the TV. (My dear that fan is at least 30 meter away). You know how many matches it took to light two candles. Count

Anyway after all that.. the cake tasted very nice. The entire process to decorate the cake and to sing the birthday song took the entire time that Rafael Nadal and Richard Gasquet play the clash of the titan tennis match. And it was a 3 set match.
Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My Parents and Doctor

When it is time for my parents to see the doctor they try to either bluff their doctor that they are OK.

My Dad a week or two weeks before it is time for his medical checkup he would cut down on his salt and sugar intake. He will be very good with his food intake so that when he goes for his checkup his test will show that he is healthy. Then he would come back and tell me that the doctor say everything is under control.

Anyway.. took both of my parents for the medical checkup in Pantai on Saturday. As they had to do blood test and such, I don't if they watch their diet before hand or not.

As we had to wait for the doctor we read a lot of the posters that were on the wall. And my parents conclude that one of the test that the doctor will put them thru was a memory test. So having a lot of time , they try to cheat... they ask us "What did we do last weekend ?", "what did we eat yesterday ?" Thinking that these are some of the questions that will come out in the test that the doctor will give them. So they were hoping that my sister and I will provide them with the answer 1st. (Hey.. that cheating.., anyway it took me awhile to remember what we did last Saturday and what we ate yesterday !!!)

Then we actually got to the doctor, (he didn't even bother with the memory test). He made both of my parents walk in a straight line. Well.. they didn't do so well on the test.. after about two steps they nearly fell. Lucky the doctor caught them.

When we came out of the doctor office.. my mom was still quite upset that she fail the walking in a straight line test. She keep practicing it ... her comment to us was that "If I had known that this was the test he going to give me, i would have practice this at home."

I think she is going to practice at home and next week show him that she can do it!!!
Monday, November 19, 2007

Difference between private and public hospital

Went to a private hospital for my parents checkup on Sat. Having been to a semi government hospital I can now see the difference.

Let me start with what is the same between these two type of hospital.

1. You have to wait. At both places to see the doctor you still have to wait and it takes a long time. At the private hospital we wait almost 45 mins for the doctor to come and almost 2 hours for my Dad turn to do the Ultrasound. Poor Dad had to be on fasting until almost 2 pm.

2. You still have to go all over the place to go all the various tests. We had to walk from Block B to Block D go upstairs and downstairs and all over the place for my parents to complete all the test. Why they can't put all the places to do testing in one place.

3. You have to walk very far to go toilet and bring your urine sample back by yourself.

Now the difference between the two places

1. In the private hospital when you drive up, there is a bell boy to greet you and open the door for you.You feel like you going into a hotel instead of a hospital.

2. The waiting room chair in more comfortable in the private hospital. It nice big and got cushion. And they call you by name instead of a number.

3. The hospital staff and nurses almost everybody speak English. No la the nurses are not like bear there but I can't resist this image.

4. Now come to the major difference. In the private hospital the common phrase you will hear in difference tones and maybe slightly difference words will be "You go and pay first ?" or "After you pay you come back we will do the test?", "The payment counter is over there?"
There is nothing less than RM 100. Minimal everything cost you RM 100 and above. In the semi private hospital, treatment come 1st and nothing cost more than RM 50. (hehehe... till this day we have not even got the bill for my Dad hospital stay).

Even the speciality coffee shop they have there is more expensive. It is Starbuck.

If you ask me about the treatment and the doctor. I can find no fault with the UH doctors. When we consulted the private hospital about what happen to my Dad, he told us almost the same thing that the UH doctor told us. So for me I think I will still send my Dad back to UH because he gets the pretty nurses to fuss over him like a king !!!!