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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No reason not to exercise

Last time my execuse for not exercising or not going to the gym was that I can't wake up in the morning. Then of course ppl will tell me then why don't you go in the evening. My excuse then was that it is very very pack in Fitness First in the evening. You can't even get a locker sometimes. Well I can't use that excuse any more. Coz now that I got the key to the condo, the gym is available for me to use in the evening and there is nobody using it. Yesterday went there with my sister and there was nobody. So we used the gym for awhile. The good thing is that my sister can do abit of exercise too.

My condo sure wants ppl to be healthy coz they provide so much facilities for ppl to exercsie. Now wether we use it or not is another matter.

The Gym

The outdoor exercise

The Pool

Monday, August 20, 2007

Sofa and Wardrobe

Went thru my usual weekend routine. Which is hunting around for things for the condo on weekend. It is so tiring. Saturday went to Fella Design in Subang because my sister wanted to drop by her office since we were in the area decide to drop by. Nothing interesting at all. Tried out a few beds and sofas but nothing strike us.

Then went to Subang Parade.. well.. just to the bookshop and my play station shop. Also there was nothing that strike me to buy. Not even a PS II game.. how sad :-(

On the way back.. I was quite ready to go home .. my sister wasn't so she keep asking in the car what we do what we do. So to shut her up on the way back I saw this shop name recliner and sofa.. so I said we go there.

We parked our car and walk to the shop but on the way I saw another shop called Lady American. It sold bed mattress.. I also don't why but that shop attracted me more so we went there.

I must say the sales lady was very friendly and the shop looks quite cool. So we went in and began trying bed and sofa. Sat on a sofa and I was sold on it. But my Mom was not cause it was not leather.. she said that me being me.. don't know how to clean or wash the cushion cover. Went to try a few leather sofa but it was still not as nice and the one I wanted. Plus a leather was RM 1000 more. So we actually had a major discussion (my mom and me) about cleaning a cushion sofa. The lady was nice enough to offer a few tips. I told her I will chose a dark color so no dirt can be seen. (Hint Hint to ppl who come and sit of my sofa)

Tried a few beds also.. for my sister.. Coz she wanted to buy. In the end she and my mom bought a coffee table and bed. So I gained a coffee table.. the old one my mom wanted to throw away.. so I ask her why dont u throw my way.. I dont mind. Hey.. save money when u can.

Me.. well I waited until Sunday when I went back with my cousin.. .. Anyway... I got the sofa this pic of the sofa It is a very nice to sit sofa. U can just lie and fall asleep on it. Oh it is a 3 people sofa. My mom was saying why don't you buy the two seater as well. Mom... I don't print money... I told my Mom.. I have a 3 seater sofa and a floor... The other people can sit on the floor. Ok la.. I won't be so bad.. I will offer two big cushion for two more people. The rest will have to sit on the floor.

They didn't have the sofa in the color of the pic so I had to chose another color. oh.. I will tell you the rest of my Sunday tomorrow.

Oh.. when we leaving the shop my sister asked the sales lady where are your recliner sofa. The lady in a very puzzle face and voice said "They don't have". My sister said "huh.. you don't have I thought your shop is selling recliner and sofa". Then the sales lady said "That is the shop down the road.." Then only my sister realised that this not the "Recliner and Sofa" shop that we wanted to go to earlier. Lucky for the sales lady we didn't. In the end we never went to the shop.