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Friday, August 15, 2008

Being Chinese Part II

This week must really be a week where I am reminded that I mix around a log with Chinese. Maybe because of the Olympics.

Last evening after my very long meeting went to Starbuck with one of our client because they want to have a drink. We ordered coffee and stuff.

My client notice that Starbuck have moon cake.. well i know they had it for a long time. My customer ask the people at the counter "you got moon cake ah ? Got sample or not ?, you got no sample.. How i know good or not?"

So starbuck ppl being nice (actually they were malay boys) actually gave us sample of the mooncake. Since there was 4 of us it was quite a lot. Added up I think it was abt 3/4 of a moon cake. Of course since it was given to us we all ate. Me not much coz I dont like mooncake.

After that the person who ask for the mooncake said she has to leave already and she said she will go to the counter and thank them for the mooncake. We joking ask her to ask the counter for sample of their cake. As she was at the counter thanking the ppl for the mooncake. she notice that they had the chocolate variety. So she ask the counter hey.. how come we did get to try that variety.

Next thing we know she came back and sat with us and then the guy bought the mooncake to us. haha... So all in all i take we ate one mooncake free.

in the end we didn't buy any of the mooncake. haha.. well if i like mooncake i would have bought. but i dont like. Lucky i dont really hang out the starbuck at the weld much anymore.
Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chinese Being Chinese

Yesterday went with one of my fren to Ikea coz he wanted to get a shower rod from there. So happily we walk to the shower rod section. I ask him why does he need to get a new shower rod coz he just bought one recently. His answer to me was that the two rubbers stopper at either end was worn out and he it was scratching his wall. Ok.. fair enough replace it. Good

Then he came up with this great idea. He told me he is going to buy this new one and then in a few days he going to come back to ikea with the old rubber stoppers and return it to ikea and say that it was spoilt when he bought it. So that they will replace and he will get a new one. Hey.. I told him that cheating.. but he look to me so "So". i told him Ikea will say "Sir, if you use the rod the way that it is suppose to be use then u wont have this problem."

His parting words to me were "I am going to keep this receipt and I am not good at doing this sort of things, so I think I will ask you to come along."

I think I will avoid him for 30 days until the money back policy is over.