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Friday, November 13, 2009

Does he look like he miss his Boss

Does he look like he miss his boss or will the boss miss him more when she see this pic?

Sleeping on the job

He is sleeping on the job. But cant sack him coz he share the same room as the boss and has great connection with the Boss Mother.
Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Back to Gym

I am back to gym but not Fitness First but my condo gym. I feel I need so desperate exercise so now it back to gym. Now I change my routine a bit. Instead of going to the gym at Curve my plan was to get up take a walk to my gym in the condo and come back and walk Jake. My sister is away so now I have to walk Jake morining and evening.

Ok... that was my plan but it didn't work that well. When I get up in the mring to brush my teeth, I turn around and I see a 4 leggi waiting at the bathroom door for me. Then when I change and wear shorts he will be wagging his tail and barking. How to say "No" to the cute fellow. So now what i have to do is walk Jake 1st then only take a walk to the condo gym. Come back and shower and go work. So far it has work for 2 days.. see how long it will last.