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Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Notty Dog

My dog look so innocent here sun tanning but he is far from that...

Jake .. doing I don't what with my clothes. hehe.. Actualy not his fault.. I threw the smelly clothes on top of him.

Jake trying to look innocent for stealing someone pillow

Jake hiding under the car.. why.. coz we were going to go out and lock him out. He don't like to be left alone..

Jake looking for some used tissue under the pillow... No it is not my bed.

Jake hiding under the dinning chair on a Sunday because it is pom pom time.

His most famous naughty trick is to steal food. Actually he was looking for the durian we place there. Many dinner visitors to my house were con by his innocent and puppy dog eyes. They thought he is slow and can't really reach the food that they put on the table. But they can now say where food is concern he is rather fast and has long reach mouth that can take food off your plate before you can blink your eyes.