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Friday, December 5, 2008

Mother and their pets

Since Mumsey.. put up the post about the Gus.. I am remindered by her statement.

Mumsey called me one night and we were talking and she said her son Guzzy Wuzzy was not well and he is old already. Said her hubby Benny brought Gus to the vet and the vet said that Gus was old. So I think Benny ask Mumsey.. since Gus is so old should we put him to sleep. Mumsey answer to her hubby was "Next time when you are old shall I put you to sleep... " hahaha.. So I laugh... I guess the answer is No.

I am reminded of a conversation that my mother had with my father when a someone came in and took our gas tank. My father ask my mother to let Jake (her precious son) out for him to attack the thief. My mother answer to my dad.. is why dont you go out and stop the thief.

I also remember when I told Jake you are so naughty I am going throw you away. My mother answer to me was why don't we throw YOU (meaning me) away.

I am also remindered the story of NY and her dog Nellie. One time Nellie was quite sick and need to have a womb removed. I think NY mother in law said since the dog is old and sick why not put Nellie down. If I remember correctly NY told me "her mother had a her womb removed and her mother is still alive. No reason to put the dog just because the womb is removed."

I think it take a person with a pet to understand how important the pet is.
Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mum at Home

Mum came home yesterday. Jake was very happy keep smelling her and wagging his tail.
After that he just sat there and guard her.

Since mom was sleeping in the downstairs room I had to sleep downstairs. This is Jake staking his claim on his. He slept downstairs with me the whole night. The reason why he didn't sleep in the room with mom is because no air cond. In the hall there was air cond.

This is Jake in the morning gurading Mom again
Monday, December 1, 2008

This is Mum enjoying the food that my cousin Patrick was so nice to bring over. hehe... we help Mum finish the food. Don't waste . That was Sat

This Sunday Mum eating the soup that I bought for her. hey... I can't cook so what you expect me to do

This is Mum Sunday evening taking a walk out of her room. Thank God. Thank you to all the people who had us in their prayers and thoughts. Word can't express how grateful we are to have family and friends with us at times.
Sunday, November 30, 2008

Care Giver or Runner

Since my mom has been in hospital, either my sister or I have to be the care giver to her and other has to be the runner. I think my mom prefer my sister to be the care giver. The reason being is that when I had to watch over her on Friday afternoon alone, I managed to :-

1. Spill water on the floor
2. Drop her pill on the floor
3. Don't how to help her up to eat or drink water

No wonder when we ask my mom who she want to stay over night with her, she pick my sister. So as a result of that I have to be the runner. You know what, it is not easy being the runner. On Sunday I did...

1. Got up at 7:30 am
2. clean the dog pee pee tray
3. walk the dog
4. bath the dog
5. mop the floor
6. put clothes in washing machine to wash
7. Go to market (forgot to bring basket.. so have to carry everything)
8. Go to buy lunch for dad, mom and sister
9. Visit mother in hospital
10. Come back home move furniture to make room for mom return
11. Go tesco to buy things and go ss2 to buy dog food
12. Iron clothes (hey.. no complaining that my shirt look crumple)
13. Go visit mom
14. come home... clean bed sheet for mom room

Did all that in one sunday. And way did my sister do when she was in hosiptal. Watch astro and press start on one of my mom drip machine. After awhile also no need to press start because they took it out.