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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fasting Month

haha... not me fasting la.

Every year my sister and I will say we want to go and buy the fasting month food bazaar which is setup almost every where. It look so interesting and then so fun. hehe of course we did not fast ... but most of the time when we actually got around to it the fasting month is over. This year we said we must go for sure.

We thought that Shah Alam will be a good place to go to as it is a Malay area. So phone up my uncle and told him that on Sat we will be coming. So he told us to come early as if you come late the food will be all gone. So fine... we went to Shah Alam at 4.

Went out to buy the fasting month food. I bought some roast chicken after buying that my mom said "Don't buy so much" !!! I told her "Huh... so many people woh..". Then she said your uncle say we going out to eat dinner. Hey I thought that this was dinner. So we ended buying only roast chicken and some roti..

We also bought so lekok. which the fry fish thing. Actually I like to eat that... and without giving too much thought to it. My sister and I started eating as we were walking. Then we look at each other and thought mmm... i think it kind of rude to eat now when ppl are still fasting. Not wanting to be so rude... we stop eating. Hehe.. forgot mah...