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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sometimes online Portal Make your Life so hard

I was trying to purchase the Microsoft Action Park at the Mircosoft site. I spend half a day figuring how to use the site and still I couldn't get it done.

I don't understand... we want to buy their product under the Action Pack package. Had to SIT FOR A TEST. Aiyo... some more all the tests were mainly for developer so so in the end I found one that i think I have a chance in passing. In the end I didn't pass. Since it was a online test rope in all the developers to help me pass. In the end 4 of us managed to get enough marks to pass.

Then after that we thought that we will be able to buy the product. But we were so wrong. It didn't register my result "What the F$^$# !!!!!!" So sat for 2 more tests still it was not registered. what the F^&^!!!!

Anyway if by tomorrow I did cant tell it. I give up...

This remind me of my Mom saying that she prefer to buy things from those small sundry shops rather than from hypermarket. The main reason being that in sundry shop she can just ask the man bring me 100g of salt, bring me 12 eggs etc. In hyper market she got to look herself.
Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Everyday Exercise

Since I have changed job I have been become slightly healthier. First thing is that I get up a bit earlier. This because parking space is quite limited in front of the office. So to get a decent place I have to reach by about 8:30. So I have to wake up abit 7:30 am and leave the house before 8 each day.

Secondly the have to park the car a bit further away and also have to climb 3 flight of stairs every day at least twice a day. Once to go to work and another after lunch. If I go out for meeting and come back that will be another time. If I have to check on my parking because we those ticket parking that will be another time. Also sometime I park my car at the Kelana Jaya LRT station, so that is even further to walk. Oh well exercise is good me.

I told myself that when I start by new job I should start going to the gym. But so far I have been A BIG FAT ZERO TIME. haha... Please someone kick me in the butt so that I will go.
Monday, January 28, 2008

One of Those Week

I was suppose to have a eating feast from Wednesday until Sunday. Wednesday started with a company dinner at Shang coffee house. Which was very very nice. The food was great and the company was not too bad. Had it with my new colleague and was a very small group so we able to have some fun.

Thursday was Mumsey birthday so went over to her house to dinner and cake. This year I was not con by li Mae. Last year I ask Li Mae what cake does mom like.. so Li Mae said Chocolate Indulgence. So happily I bought the cake and then I found out that Mumsey actually didn't like the cake. ONLY LI MAE LIKE THE CAKE. The rest of the family didn't like it. hey... I did ask.

This year I got for her toffee banana which is actually her favourite. Next time I will ask the source.

Friday since Li Mae and Mumsey went up to Genting, I decide to bring Li Sha out to One Utama. We ate Italiannies which one of Li Sha fav place. Then went hunting for bags because both of us wanted to get bag. But both of us was not successful to get it. So we plan to go The Curve tomorrow to get it.

The come Saturday went to wash my car in 1 Utama and did some shopping. Actually went to get a bottle of wine for my Boss coz it was his house warming. So got him a bottel, then saw my favourite Bin 888 on sale and decide to get some wine for myself and the party... (so people we can have wine at the party).

Then my day rather my weekend went downhill from there. Pick up Li Sha from her college and both of us went to Curve. We hunting for bag but after walking the whole of the Curve and Ikano both of us ended up with NOTHING. Then wanted to get a drink but can't find a place to drink so went home tired and thirsty.

At about 6:30 left for my boss housewarming. It was in Puchong and Puchong and me don't know each other that well. So after about an hour of searching and going deeper and deeper in Puchong.. I decided I was completely lost. Wanted to call him to ask him for direction, but then it started pouring raining. I can't even see 5 meters ahead of me. Well.. I gave up then and went home. Coz I can't search of the place in such heavy rain.

Then come Sunday was abit tired and decided not to so church. Had lunch with Mumsey and Papa Bear. it was very nice and I think I ate too much. Suppose to go Marcus my ex staff wedding dinner. But at about 6.. after a nap on the couch. Suddenly i felt sick. Went upstairs and threw up twice. Okie.. there was the end of my plan to go for dinner.

OH well.. hopefully this week will be better. But then it should be coz Zach is coming... What could be better than that.