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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Is better you give Roads Name or to give it numbering ?

Is better you give Roads Name or to give it numbering ?

When you need to travel to KL city you will know that the roads are known by name. So you will have to know roughly where they are in order to get there and look for a lot of land mark to get to the place you want. Otherwise you will have no idea where a place is.

Well as most people will know that PJ is whole different system altogether. We go by numbering by Section then my road. For example you have SS2/3, PJU3/23, 4/6 etc ...

At least the idea will give you a general direction of where to look for you would expect the section and road to have some sort of sequence order RIGHT... For ppl who have to live and look for places in PJ they will tell you a very different story.

Yday.. one of my customer ask me to come to his house to meet instead of meeting at Kelana Jaya... I said OK. He gave me his address as SS1/29 ... Brave me didn't ask for direction at all since I know where SS1 is.. I am sure to be able to find the place.... I found SS1 No problem... I found SS1/27, SS1/28 so ok.. SS1/29 should be next road .. I was so wrong.. next road was like SS1/34 .. nevermind.. i will turn into SS1/28 and maybe SS1/29 is next to it... Wrong it came back to SS1/2 then went somemore I was at 21/23 or something.. I went round and round looking..

For sure looking for raod in PJ you will always find the one down road and 1 up road but never the road that you want.

In the end I gave up... I call him told him I was at SS1/26 how do I get to his place. He told me I was at wrong side of the road. I had to turn in thru SS1/18 to get to his place...

I always like to throw this challenge to ppl in PJ where is Section 18. People can tell you where Section 16, Section 17 and Section 19 is.. but where is 18. No the answer is not there is no Section 18...


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