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Monday, June 2, 2008

Travel Down to Singapore

This is the first time that I actually took a bus down to Singapore. A lot of people was telling me that it was very nice and confortable. Well being a car driving person I dont think I will enjoy.

Well I found that it was OK. I would still prefer to drive but then it was not too bad of a trip. They fed us breakfast with mineral water. Then we had banana cake with coffee as well. Got to watch two movies one chinese and one english. I didn't watch coz actually I was tired so close my eyes. Can still hear the sound but then manage to rest.

By now most people will know by now what a workholic boss I have. So on Saturday morning meeting (8:00 am), he was joking commenting to me that since I had a five hours journey down I would be able to get plenty done on the way. I told him that if he dont mind me vomitting along the way then I will work. I can't take reading working on notebook during the journey. (He can.. in fact the aeroline is well suited for him, you can have power socket which you can plug yr notebook to.)

Because we took the single decker bus.. we just had seats. I was commenting to my colleagues that make sure we never never take double decker bus with boss down to Singapore. Reason is that in the double decker at the bottom level you have the facilities for a meeting with table. Knwoing him he probably gather us for a meeting all the way to Singapore. So all of us have agreed we going to pretend to sleep and have motion sickness.


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