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Monday, November 10, 2008

My Mom with the Super Eye

My mom went for her eye operation last week. So now she has a super human eyes. She is suppose to take one week off and rest her eyes. For the 1st 24 hours she suppose to close her eyes and not watch tv. So the 1st night she was siting there with her glasses and suppose to be not watching tv. My sister ask her are you watching TV. She said "no". Then my sister said to her "Who is that in the show ? it was a new character." My mother reply was "Yes hor... who is that never see before?" Mom has super human eyes she can even if her eyes are closed.

When I came back from Spore, she look at me and said "How come you got so many pimple in your face?" Then I ask her how. "She said she can see clearly now and then the house is very dirty."

On Saturday our usual marking day. Mom wanted to go but we ban her from going. So the 2nd in command have to go .. hehe not my Dad.


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