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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Things are no longer fun

I don't know why but the holiday season seems to go by so fast. Now is only about one week till Chinese New Year and I feel like nothing. I remember days gone by when I would look forward to Chinese New Year. Look forward to the Reunion dinner, the cookies and the visiting.

Now when I think of Chinese New Year is like any other day. I think oh... no.. got to drive to so many places .. so hot...

It is so sad, where is the excitement where is the fun of catching up with relatives and so on. I think this year is worse for me because I think oh.. no .. I got to fly off soon. :-(.

Hopefully I will get more in the mood when i see the ang pow. (Hey.. it money ok.. and so say what u want to say if the money is given I will take)


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