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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Good and Bad About Having Houses nearby

Since I am doing up my own place I realised that there are benefits and cons about having the two places so near by.

The Pros.

1. You and your relatives can use all the facilities because it is so near by. My sister and I have used the gym and my little cousin niece have used the pool.

2. When you look after the contractor you can just drive back for lunch.

3. In between looking after contractors you can drive back and watch Bold and Beautiful (hey.. I know it is a silly show). That is what I did yesterday my air cond man finished about 2:45 so I drove back home and watch the half hour. Then had to drive back to look after the window man.

4. Anytime you want to check out the place you can just drive there coz it is so near by.

The Con....

Last night there was no electricity at my house and it was such a hot night. So I thought to myself "Ah.. the condo has air cond and bed. Go there and sleep." Lucky I was smart enough to check if the condo has electric or not. So i had to change out of my PJ coz the whole neighbourhood was outside... unlock my door and go to the side of my house to see if the condo has electric or not. Guess what "NO ELECTRIC" at the condo too.

My neighbour said that condo abit further away has... I thought to myself should have bought there...

So in the end have to sweat it out. until about midnight.

Of course I sms my 4 favourite ppl to tell them I got no electricity. And Li Mae as usual ask me to come over and sleep. One day i will just take her up on it.

And you know what.. my brave dog tail was down the whole time when there was no electricity.. scared out of his mind.


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