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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Finally a Holiday

Well after months of arguing who should book the holiday and where we should go, my sister and I finally decided to go Cameron Highland for a weekend holiday. We have not been to Cameron for so long already. Well actually have not been to a holiday for so long.

I think I will need the holiday because the next few Monday and Tuesday after that it is going to be very very busy for me. Things are starting to get moving in the condo already. Hopefully by next week I will be able to see the condo at night because the lights will be in. I will also be able to sit and watch a blank wall because my BLUE sofa will be in but then no TV or any entertainment so stare at blank wall. I will be able to sleep because my sister old bed is going there but then I don't I will do that no air cond.

The week after that I will be able to live in there because the air cond, the window at the laundry and the wardrobe will be in.

Well... Bear in mind there will be no food or water to drink because there is nothing done in the kitchen. Oh well at least after months of looking around and spending money.. can see somethings changing in the condo. Hopefully.


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