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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

No reason not to exercise

Last time my execuse for not exercising or not going to the gym was that I can't wake up in the morning. Then of course ppl will tell me then why don't you go in the evening. My excuse then was that it is very very pack in Fitness First in the evening. You can't even get a locker sometimes. Well I can't use that excuse any more. Coz now that I got the key to the condo, the gym is available for me to use in the evening and there is nobody using it. Yesterday went there with my sister and there was nobody. So we used the gym for awhile. The good thing is that my sister can do abit of exercise too.

My condo sure wants ppl to be healthy coz they provide so much facilities for ppl to exercsie. Now wether we use it or not is another matter.

The Gym

The outdoor exercise

The Pool


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