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Friday, November 16, 2007

Life Changes

Well since my Dad hospital stay there has been or will be two changes that we are making to our household.

First change occured for almost two weeks already.. and that is we are taking caterred food now. We called up this company called Mom's cooking. So now every night when I go home we will get two suprises one will be what the Mom (the caterer) will bring over. They come in 3 boxes one chicken / pork, one veggie and one seafood. Another one will be what my mother or Dad cook. My parents still continue to cook at least one dish and a soup.

OK.. first of all don't ask me why ...my parents still cook. I can't complain because at least if I don't like the catering food, I still get my MOM or DAD COOKING. hehe...

How is the catering food ? Actually I find it not too bad. Some day good some day OK la. Some interesting dishes...

Second change is that my Mom inform us yday that is going to call a cleaning lady to come clean the house. I am thinking like "Thank God" I don't have to clean my bathroom anymore. (hehe.. not that I clean it that often)....

These were changes that we have been telling my parents to make for a few years already. They always had excuses like cater food cannot eat one, I can still do the cleaning why ask someone else.

I guess sometimes it takes some thing to make them change. I would rather let my parents have a easier time in life as they getting older.

Anyway bringing my parents for their checkup this Saturday at Pantai. Like my cousin say.. you have to be prepare what the doctor have to say... Hopefully he will say that they are as well as they can be for their age. I won't kid myself to think that my parents can live forever. It is a reality that we must face.. But hopefully they be around for awhile yet. Like I told my Dad.. Hang on, we still need you around and we love you.

I better stop coz it is Friday... and suppose to be Happy...


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