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Monday, June 23, 2008

Poor Little Phoebe

Poor little Phoebe is sick and have to stay over night at the vet. Poor baby

Mumsey call me last night to tell me that they have to leave Phoebe that they left her at vet and make me promise to go and see her. I said "OK" but I got meeting line up in the mring and afternoon.

Then this morning as I was conducting a interview Mumsey call me with an update of her dog. I had to excuse myself from the interview and talk to Mumsey about her dog. Mumsey went to see the dog so call me to give me a update with the promise to go and see her dog during lunch and after work. Aiyo.. lucky i dont want to hire the guy otherwise he think what the heck. Just before 12 Mumsey call me again to tell me that she is brining li mae to see the dog and she COMING to pick me up. So I got no choice but to go and see the dog.

I am quite glad I went coz it quite funny to see how a grown woman talk to her dog. She actually going to take half day leave to take her dog back. Munsey talk to her dog better she talk to the girl. Li Mae was telling me, one day Mumsey came back and said "How is my darling girl ?" Li Mae and Li Sha answered we are fine.. Mumsey said "I was talking about my dog ?, who cares about you ?" That is Mumsey for u.

Mumsey make me promise to take Li Sha and Li Mae to come and see the dog after work. And I think Papa Bear is going to see the dog after work. So I think the vet is going to ban vistiors because this dog dont know have how many visitors in a day. I think if the vet was open 24 hours Mumsey will go and see the dog after her shift.


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