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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yes I waited in line for 3 hours

Ok.. yes.. I waited in line for 3 hours.

On Nov 11... one of my colleague was saying there have this buy one get one free promotion in secrete recipe which start at 11. So they were discussing is they should go and get it. Then we all decided that we shall go. (Yes it was a working day). We thought that we will make a lunch trip out of it. I volunteer to drive as usual.

We decided to go to the place in SS2 and since there was quite a few of us we drove two cars. When we reach SS2 we saw the Q was right to the end of the row. Then one of staff said why dont some of us go to the one in TTDI and see if the line is as long. So I had to drive with one of my staff to TTDI to see. And guess what the line was worse. In the end we drove back to SS2 and saw that the colleague have only move like 5 steps.

But one of my staff really really wanted to eat the cake. So in the end we line up for 3 hours. Lucky my bosses never came back to office that day.


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