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Friday, February 22, 2008

My Clean Hood

Yesterday was in KL the whole day and after dropping Li Sha at home since it was still early decided to go to the condo. I don't why.. but I always feel like mopping the floor when I am there. So i mop the floor and since it only takes me about 30 mins it was still early.

I was staring at my hood and I suddenly rememeber the comment that NY made when she say my hood. "Oh... you don't clean the top of your hood!!!" Actually I my 1st reaction was to stare at her and say "huh!!!!, clean the top of the hood." To be honest the thought never occur to me. and I was also thinking that it sound bit unlike NY that I know. Then her next words made me think "ah this is the NY that I know" Her next comment was "I also don't clean the top of my hood either". hahaha.. that more like the NY I know.

So yesterday after the mopping and I look at my hood again. Oh well I thought what the heck since it was early and I was free. I decide to wipe it. So here is my clean hood but I am sure that the next time my friends come over there will be a layer of dust.. coz I don't see myself doing this as a regular thing.

I am reminded by a question I ask my friend, how often do you wash your curtains ? His answer was to stare at me with a blank look that says "Wash curtains ? What that!!!!" I like my friends coz cleaning and doing house work is like alien things to them.


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