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Friday, June 22, 2007

Nice to know Different Type of People

Had dinner with the Formis and ex Formis gang yesterday. This time we are quite even half Formis and Half ex Formis.

As usual it was one of those dinner where there was plenty of food but more importantly plenty of laughs. It is also a time to catch with the latest trends that is happening. The subject of downloading movies and series came up.

The most technical person in the group brought up the subject of getting a DVD player that can play AVI file and has a USB connection, which we assume allows us to connect to a external hard disk. Then the famous Casper asked a question "How do you select which movie to watch if you plug in the hard disk ?" In her mind she was thinking you don't have a mouse. hehehehe.. well actually I wanted to ask that question too. Lucky for me Casper was around.. cos the answer was "have you heard of a thing call the DVD remote control." In my heart I was saying Thanks Casper.. at least I didn't sound so silly...

Actually there was a funny story about Casper at the dinner. But then Casper is always funny.. But that is a story for another time and it sort you have to be there sort of event.

My mission this weekend will be to go and find the DVD player which can plug in a hard disk and can play AVI...I have people who depend on me to find this information.

MY BLOG STILL NOT COLORFUL... WAIT AH... Next change coming... it a work in progress..


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